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Peace to You, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!!

Keep Calm and Carry On

These are words to live by in this time and many others in which we feel tested personally and collectively.  They are not easy words to accomplish.  Keeping calm is doable if most things in your world are in place, organized and not bothering you. It can sometimes take just one small little problem or concern that drives you to wonder how the day could be so long.

The past few months have clearly demonstrated at several levels that individual decisions drive our collective reality.  People of all generations, persuasions, attitudes, backgrounds, and leadership positions have been choosing their approach to managing the COVID crisis, personal health, work related choices and their reaction to immigration issues and racial unrest.  Those choices have limited the choices of others in significant ways; from how to get groceries and a haircut and how to get your work done and educate children.  We live with the results of not only our own decisioins but other’s choices.

My mantra these days is Keep Calm and Act Faithfully (and Educate when Possible).

To act, think and choose as Jesus would have us do…. With a new testament concern for others is how I choose to respond, decide and act.  Some of my options will not improve my individual situation.  My choice is that the decisions that favor the overall good of others, my community, my country are the ones I need to make.

It is clear that each of us alone will not make a huge difference but like voting we can pray that others will choose wisely and collectively good choices that are best for everyone and will help us move forward to a better world than we have today.

In Hope, Liz



Weekly Reminders:

  1. Stay Tuned ~ Worship & Music is preparing for the Summer as we are now in COVID Green.
  2. Joyful and Gracious thanks for all those who have prepared worship for us today. Our faithful members are Pastor Kristina, Lector Team, Music Team and Technical Team and an awesome set of volunteers in supporting roles!
  3. Our worship video is posted on our website and FB page and sent via email blast each Sunday by 6:00 am.
  4. We thank all of you who have continued to send in offerings: your generous giving means ministry continues, and our dedicated staff continues to work.

Please remember that the Deacons are ready to support your spiritual needs. Your Council members are also willing and able to support you.  Fellow church members are happy to hear from you too!!

Pray for our those in need of any kind,


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