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May 24th, 2020

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Greetings to You, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!!


The COVID 19 Solution Theory…

Right now, we are stretched and pulled taut by situations beyond our experiences.  Now it is easier than ever to hunker down and think what we want to think and find outlets that support our thoughts.  And at the same time, find the opposing view (no matter the issue) to be one which we can shake our heads at.

Pre Covid 19, we were more likely to discuss and listen in face to face conversations.  Those conversations are now infrequent; if not impossible – so the hardening of our individual perspectives is an easy response to the dilemma; further entrenchment and reluctance to listen.

What to DO? I believe in the power of prayer.

My most serious and perplexing work situation was when I had a boss that was the antithesis of what I believed a Christian should be; and he was a pretty miserable person.  My solution after 9 months of calmly, daily steeling myself to maintain dignity and presence of mind (not so successfully some days) was to give it up.

I gave it up to God.

I started praying differently.  I no longer prayed for MY peace -> I prayed for HIS peace.  I no longer prayed for enlightenment for HIM > I prayed for MY own enlightenment to understand his perspective.  This prayer process led to a positive outcome.

My experience with that work situation helps me in this Covid 19 time to remember that our leaders and decision-makers are only human.  They struggle (as we do) to care for others’ health and to care for the economic impact of decisions.  I am not in their shoes; I am not “in the room” and I cannot see their perspective in real time. My vision and sphere is limited.

I am giving it up to God… in prayer.


Special Announcement:  5th Sunday Appeal is May 31st~ Lutheran Immigration and Refuge Services is celebrating their 80th Year.  Their mission is as critical in 2020 as in 1939 when LIRS began by aiding the 1 out of 6 Lutherans displaced to refugee camps during WWII.  In every decade since then several humanitarian efforts across the globe have been aided by this vital crisis response organization.  Please consider the message we share today with you and give as you are able.


Weekly Reminders:

  1. Heartfelt and JOYOUS thanks for all those who have prepared worship for us today.
  2. Online Worship is posted on our website and Facebook page every Sunday at 6:00 AM
  3. Council expects to continue this practice through at least June 4th when we will hear from Gov. Wolf and health officials about our next steps.
  4. We thank all of you who have continued to send in offerings: your generous giving means ministry continues and our dedicated staff continues to work .
  5. Of special note: LIRS is June’s 5th Sunday Appeal.  Next week’s worship will include an LIRS speaker via video to share a bit about their ministry.


Please remember that the Deacons are ready to support your spiritual needs. Your Council members are also willing to support you.  Fellow church members are happy to hear from you too!


Peace and Joy,

Liz Young

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