The faith community of LCR welcomes all individuals regardless of race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, economic status, age, disability, or family make-up.

Child of God, you are welcome here!

Where We’re Located

1700 Makefield Road
Yardley, PA 19067



General Worship Services:

8:00 AM Intimate Traditional Worship
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship with Praise Band
1:00 AM Traditional Worship with Choir

Summer Worship (June-August): 10:00 AM

Communion is served at all Worship Services. All are invited.


Faith Alive! (Sunday School):

Children attend the beginning of the 9:30 AM service with their families and are sent to Sunday School after the Children’s Message. At that time, the Faith Alive! program will begin in Fellowship Hall. Faith Alive! learning will take place in a variety of formats including crafts, story time, music, games and service projects. Faith Alive! is suspended during the summer months.


Our Mission

Gathered by Christ. Growing in Faith. Sent to Serve. Empowered to Witness.

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RSS Heartlight Devotional

  • Today's Verse - Matthew 2:4-6
    When King Herod had called together all the people's chief priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Christ was to be born. "In Bethlehem in Judea," they replied, "for this is what the prophet has written: 'But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means the least among […]

RSS Simpson Devotional

  • Simpson Devotional - Thursday, December 13, 2018
    So familiar are the vine and the branches, it is not necessary to explain that the branches and the vine are one. The vine does not say, "I am the central trunk and you are the little branches." Rather it acknowledges, "I am the whole thing, and you are the whole thing." Jesus counts us […]

A statement from the seven Lutheran bishops in Pennsylvania in response to the violent crimes at Tree of Life synagogue.

Our hearts are broken for the bereaved families of those who were killed on Saturday, October 27, for the congregations of Tree of Life, Dor Hadash, and New Light, and for the city of Pittsburgh. Your loss is also our loss, for we belong to each other.

We are also painfully aware that the very name of our church, “Lutheran,” carries a memory of hurtful rhetoric and systemic violence against Jewish people because of the words of Martin Luther and the catastrophe of the holocaust in lands where Lutherans were numerous.

Our church has firmly rejected Luther’s invectives and the complicity of Lutheran churches in actions of great evil, most notably in the 1994 Declaration of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to the Jewish Community, saying:

“We recognize in anti-Semitism a contradiction and an affront to the Gospel, a violation of our hope and calling, and we pledge this church to oppose the deadly working of such bigotry, both within our own circles and in the society around us.”

In the spirit of that declaration, we call others in our state and our country who are associated in any way with anti-Semitic speech and action to repudiate those evils and to join with us in praying for and working for peace.

The Rev. Michael Rhyne, Bishop, Allegheny Synod, ELCA
The Rev. James Dunlop, Bishop, Lower Susquehanna Synod, ELCA
The Rev. Samuel R. Zeiser, Bishop, Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA
The Rev. Ralph E. Jones, Bishop, Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA
The Rev. Patricia A. Davenport, Bishop, Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA
The Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow, Bishop, Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA
The Rev. Barbara J. Collins, Bishop, Upper Susquehanna Synod, ELCA

Issued Nov. 1, 2018