Church Council

President – Hadassah “Haddi” Bergstrom

Haddi is originally from the mid-west and has family living in Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota. After moving to Yardley in 2010, she decided to continue her education at Villanova University where she entered the Master’s of History program in 2011. Since then she has earned a second Master’s of Arts degree in Theology and is now an instructor of Theology at St. Catherine University.

Haddi comes from a rich ELCA Lutheran tradition as the fourth of five children of an ELCA Lutheran pastor. Additionally, her sister, Hannah was ordained as an ELCA pastor in January 2015 and is currently serving in Minnesota. Haddi was elected to council June 2019, is a member of the adult choir at LCR, teaches for the Diakonia program, and will be teaching confirmation in the fall 2020.

Vice President – Cheryl Varga

Cheryl has been a member of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection since 1993.  She first attended on an invitation to “Bring a friend Sunday” event.  Since that time, she has taught high school age Sunday School Class as well as confirmation classes.  She has also served as an Assisting Minister and Communion Assistant.  In 2005 Cheryl joined the Arise Praise team that was just starting.  In 2007 she graduated from the Diakonia program, and was installed as a congregational deacon.  For her congregational deacon project Cheryl became chairperson of the Worship and Music Committee.  Currently, Cheryl sings with both the traditional church choir and Arise Praise Band, serves on the Worship and Music committee, and is a member of church council.

Treasurer – Barb Spencer

Barbara is a long time member who has served on various committees voth at LCR and on the synod level.

Currently a member of the finance committee

Wife, mother and grandmother continues to work in health care.

Challenging times may call for creative solutions.

Now is the time to Be the Church more than ever.

Secretary – Kent Elwell

Kent has been a member of LCR since 1998.

Over the course of the past twenty one years, he’s taught Sunday school and  and also served on the Audit and Endowment committees,

Kent and his wife Betsy have three children. They (Sara, Michael, and James) were all confirmed at LCR.

Kent feels that it would be a privilege to serve on the Church Council.

Ruth DiDonato

Ruth has been a member of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection for 20 years. She has served as a counter, lector and bible study participant. She has been a Lutheran since childhood, her grandfather was a Lutheran minister. Ruth has 2 children, Tina & Mark, 2 step children Dawn & Drew and 3 grandchildren, Cloe,Josiah, and Eleanor. Ruth works as a riding instructor at Concord Acres and a substitute teacher for Hopewell Valley Regional School District. She now feels called to serve on council.

Eddie Bossler

He was baptized and confirmed at LCR.  You may have seen him as an acolyte from time to time during service.  My grandparents, Art and Dot Bossler were long time members of the church.  My parents, Bryan and Jenna, were married at LCR, so our family has a long history with LCR.  Eddie enjoys playing ice hockey for the Pennsbury High School varsity team and the Mercer Chiefs AAA travel team.

In his spare time he likes to go fishing and play video games with his friends.

Jens Rosmus

Jens, a German-born immigrant has been in the U.S. for over 25 years. A resident of Yardley for over 12 years, he lived in places such as Switzerland, Texas, Arizona and California. He is happy being back in the four seasons and enjoys summer activities such as swimming, biking and running. When not doing sports, he can be seen riding his motorcycle with his daughter and friends. In the winter he enjoys activities like skiing and snowboarding. After having been a Corporate Finance executive working for Fortune 100 companies for over 20 years, the Lord has put him into a new mission, running a faith-based automotive service business in Montgomery County. That job, being a council member and raising his daughter keep him busy and excited to be doing God’s work.

Karla Lerie

Hi, I’m Karla Lerie! For those of you who don’t know, I was raised Methodist. When I moved to Levittown from Lock Haven, PA for a teaching job, I did not have a church and a friend invited me to hers. I was 22 at the time. I belonged to Resurrection Lutheran Church of Levittown for 20 years. I was married there, and my three Children were baptized there. I joined LCR in 2000. While at LCR I have led Adult Sunday School discussions, taught Vacation Bible School, helped to bag vegetables for the Welcome Garden, I help out with the shared meal on the 3rd Sunday of the month, volunteer at the backpack center (Interfaith Food Alliance) in Morrisville, participate in our monthly book group, pack brunch/lunches for ATHN, Helped with the pancake dinner before Easter and Lenten Soup Dinners, participate in Adult Bible Study, Have attended the Welcome Church in Philadelphia, Participate on our mission team and I was elected to Church Council in 2019. I’m beginning my second year on council representing the Sent Serve Fractal. I’m blessed to be able to babysit my granddaughters weekly.

Diane Casey

Diane has been a member of LCR since 1982 and has been active in many areas of ministry over the past nearly 40 years. Previously, she has sung in the Adult Choir, served as a Choir Mom, taught Sunday School, helped with Youth Group and served on the Call Committee. She has served as member at large and twice as President, of LCR’s Congregational Council. She currently is a member of the Hospitality Team, Missions Team, Disciples with Special Needs Team, Caring in Crisis Ministry Team and coordinates LCR’s monthly Shared Meal for our Neighbors in Need. Diane serves as President of the Interfaith Food Alliance. She believes that we should be connected to the greater church and serves on our SEPA Synod Hunger Team, SEPA Synod Candidacy Committee and as a Board Member and Treasurer of the policy council for LAMPA – Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in PA.

I believe that we are each called by God to serve in whatever way possible, sharing the unique gifts of time, talent and treasure which we have been given. Throughout my life, I have served in various ways based on my life circumstances at that time. At some points in my life, I have had more financial resources to share, and at other points I have had more time to share. I believe it is that way for each of us. When we bring all of those treasures together, that is truly evidence of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Throughout my life, I have found that it is when I am sharing the gifts which God has provided that I am most energized and effective.
I love the people of God here at LCR and feel called at this time to use and share my gifts by service on our Congregational Council.

Katherine Becnel

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Katherine Becnel is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of Washington Crossing Park. Katherine grew up Lutheran, but her family switched to the United Methodist Church after two kids invited her to join their youth group during her first church visit. Those teenagers changed Katherine and her family’s lives, and the youth group remains close friends to this day. As a result, she recognizes the impact a strong youth group can have. Katherine considers herself a “mutt”. She went to a Catholic HS, a Baptist college, attended an Anglican church while studying abroad, and joined a Presbyterian Church in grad school. Katherine and her husband Jeremy, a boom operator for the US Air Force, moved to PA in 2014. LCR was the first church they visited – she’s been a member since 2017. Katherine led a small group in 2019 and is training to be a Stephen’s Minister. With LCR, Katherine’s proudest achievement is probably her work with Interfaith Food Alliance and the Family Backpack Center, which she’s been a part of since 2015. For the past 3 years, she has attended Bread for the World’s Lobby Day, advocating for her neighbors in need as well as military families with elected representatives. Katherine and Jeremy live in Morrisville with their 3 dogs and cat.

Nellie Plummer

Nellie has been attending Lutheran Church of the Resurrection since 2004. She usually attends the 11 traditional service. Nellie is currently the co-chair of Worship and Music with Sue Hess. She is co-chair of the ushers with her sister Delane Branson. Nellie has recently started the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection Ringers (a tone chime group). She serves as Assisting Minister at the 11 service. She has also served on Church Council.

Nellie has been a music teacher in the Morrisville School District for over 25 years. She teaches general elementary to kindergarten through fifth graders. She also teaches two high school classes. She graduated from West Chester University with a BS in Music Education. She also has her Master’s Degree from Marygrove College. Nellie has played her violin at times during the service.

Nellie is married to her husband Rich. They have been married for over 25 years. They have lived in Levittown for all those years. They have shared their home with several cats over the years, Fluffy being their current cat.

Nellie completed the two year Diakonia program through the ELCA Synod. She was installed in 2018. Nellie’s ministry has to do with prayer walks. She is very nature oriented. Nellie wanted to bring her love of nature and God into one ministry!