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Simply Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can anyone participate in the Simply Giving® program?

A:Yes. This program is available to everyone.

Q:How does the Simply Giving® program work?

A:Your offerings are transferred electronically from your bank or credit union checking or savings account. They are deposited directly into LCR's account. As a result, your contributions cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten.

Q:Are there any fees involved with the program?

A:No. There are no fees charged to you or LCR for this program.

Q:Will I know when the electronic funds transfer starts?

A:Yes. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans will send you a confirmation letter with the start date of the electronic funds transfer.

Q:What is the minimum amount I may have withdrawn for a contribution?


Q:How often can funds be withdrawn electronically from my account?

A:They can be withdrawn once a week, semi-monthly, or monthly.

Q:Can contributions be directed to specific funds within the church?

A:Yes. Contributions can be directed to specific funds in the church or to the general fund.

Q:Can I make a temporary stop payment or change the amount that is being withdrawn from an account?

A:Yes. You can suspend, change or stop withdrawals by informing Thrivent Financial for Lutherans verbally or through a written document at least three business days before the transfer is scheduled to take place.