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Ministry to the Homeless and Those in Need

We are presently developing and growing our ministry to the homeless and those in need through:

Shared Meals

LCR has partnered with Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) to provide a meal, once each month to those experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity in our community. AHTN provides transportation to the meal, which is provided entirely by LCR members. An entree is selected for each meal with members bringing additional side dishes, salad, and dessert.

LCR members are encouraged to participate with set up, clean up, serving and providing hospitality. Relationships are developed over the meal as we share in fellowship time with our guests.

The meals are hosted at LCR on the 5th Monday of each month which has a "fifth Monday". In months without a fifth Monday, they are hosted on the 3rd Sunday. Monday meals are served at 6pm and Sunday meals are served at Spm.

Partnership with AHTN (Advocates for the Homeless and those in need)

Individual members of LCR have been trained and are currently working with AHTN in a variety of ways including Code Blue and Transportation for the Homeless.If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for AHTN, please see their website at

Family Promise of Lower Bucks

A planning team is presently working to plan and implement a new program for housing homeless families.This will involve a coalition of 13 faith communities to work together to house up to four homeless families in our congregational buildings.LCR has made a commitment to be one of these thirteen host congregations.If you are interested in serving on one of the planning sub-teams, please contact Diane Casey.

BoxCity Annual Homelessness Awareness Project

LCR Youth continue to sponsor the annual boxcity project which benefits the Bucks Country Red Cross Shelter. LCR also works throughout the year with the shelter through our missions committee.

Food Insecurity Alliance - Video

The Alliance members are working to alleviate food insecurity in our community. We recognize that together we can do much more than any one congregation can do alone. Therefore, we have partnered with other faith communities, businesses, nonprofit organizations and government to accomplish our goals.

LCR Alliance members have partnered with St. Mary's Hospital to assist with their weekly food backpack program by weekly packing the breakfast boxes which are included in the backpacks which are sent home with children living food insecure on Fridays. The backpacks are returned on Mondays and refilled
for the coming week. This program provides weekend meals to children who participate in the school breakfast and lunch programs.

The Alliance has also partnered with The Welcome Church in Philadelphia and routinely hosts their coffee hour, providing coffee and snacks following services on Logan Square. Alliance members have traveled to Philadelphia to distribute blankets, coats, socks, and food to persons experiencing homelessness in the city.

Food Insecurity Alliance members support LCR's monthly Shared Meal in conjunction with Advocates for The Homeless and Those in Need, the Resurrection Garden, and various Food Pantry collections.

In addition to providing the immediate support of food, the Alliance is working with advocacy groups to be the voice of those silenced by the shame of poverty. We advocate on behalf of those living food insecure with governmental agencies and other organizations.

The Alliance recognizes that education is an important tool to ending the atrocity of Food Insecurity in our world and so also provides educational opportunities throughout the year. Most recently a hunger simulation event, Hunger 101,was hosted.