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Making Our Church Safe (MOCS)

“Making Our Church Safe” Policy (MOCS)

In order to keep our children and youth safe, we have a MOCS policy in place at LCR. All volunteers and staff who work with children through LCR ministries must complete the following screening process.

Steps for Completion of MOCS Training:

  1. Meet policy requirements for MOCS eligibility (see full policy on this website under “Lutheran resources/LCR resources”.)
  2. Complete Employment or Volunteer Work Form.

Return completed form to Senior Pastor in a sealed envelope.

Forms can be downloaded from LCR website or secured from church office.

Background checks will be performed.

Senior Pastor will forward your name to MOCS trainers.

  1. Attend MOCS training class

Contact the chairperson of Christian Education to register for the class.

This is a two-hour training session.

MOCS trainers will inform Senior Pastor upon your completion of training.

  1. Review application and background check information with Administrator.

(Senior Pastor or Council President as per policy)

  1. Upon approval, your name will be placed on MOCS trained list and you will be eligible to work with children and young people.

Committees who work with children and youth will be notified of your eligibility.