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Joining Our Church

How do I become a Lutheran? How do I join LCR?

To become a Lutheran, only Baptism and instruction in the Christian faith is required. If you are already baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy
Spirit, it will be necessary only to attend membership classes at LCR and thus signify your desire to become a part of its community. New member classes
are held twice a year: spring and fall.

Active members of other Lutheran congregations will be received by transfer and are encouraged to attend new member classes to learn about LCR and its ministry opportunities.

At LCR, our life together centers around worship. We encourage all members to actively participate in worship because God is always worthy to be praised. The leadership of worship is a partnership between the pastors and lay people. Members of LCR serve as lectors, communion assistants, and assisting ministers. Worship and all church activities are open to everyone. You are invited to attend any and all church events regardless of whether or not you are presently a member.

If you are interested in church membership, please feel free to call the church office for more information.

Our hope and prayer is that you will find a faith community that nourishes you and feeds you with the good news of Jesus Christ!