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Family Promise of Lower Bucks

Family Promise of Lower Bucks (FPLB) is an inter-faith, non profit foundation working to raise the awareness of the issue of homeless families in our community while raising funds to fight this atrocity. Over 500 homeless children have been identified in Bucks County and the number is most likely much higher as many live in the shadows and are not recorded.

Once fully operational, the families will sleep for a week at a time in the buildings of host congregations, receiving breakfast and a bag lunch. Early each morning, they will travel to the FPLB day center for showers, laundry facilities etc. From there, the children will depart for school, the adults with employment will go to their jobs and those without employment will work with the paid social worker who will assist them with needed services, job seeking efforts, budgeting assistance etc. In the evening, the families will return to the host congregation site for dinner and will sleep on cots provided by FPLB.

LCR is proud to have signed a covenant as a host congregation. FPLB was the thankful recipient of 50% of the donations from Box City 2013 and anticipates opening in mid - 2014. We meet monthly for planning and invite you to join us.

Please "like" us on Facebook and visit our website to learn more.

Questions??? Contact FPLB Board Member: Diane Casey